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  • Five new papers and 140 annotations were added to LEAFDATA

    The list of processed publications:

    Schröder F, Lisso J, Obata T, Erban A, Maximova E, Giavalisco P, Kopka J, Fernie AR, Willmitzer L, Müssig C. (2014) Consequences of induced brassinosteroid deficiency in Arabidopsis leaves. BMC Plant Biol. Nov 18;14:309.

    Qin Z, Zhang X, Zhang X, Feng G, Hu Y. (2014) The Arabidopsis ORGAN SIZE RELATED 2 is involved in regulation of cell expansion during organ growth. BMC Plant Biol. Dec 10;14:349

    Jun SE, Cho KH, Hwang JY, Abdel-Fattah W, Hammermeister A, Schaffrath R, Bowman JL, Kim GT. (2015) Comparative analysis of the conserved functions of Arabidopsis DRL1 and yeast KTI12. Mol Cells. Mar;38(3):243-50

    Guo P, Yoshimura A, Ishikawa N, Yamaguchi T, Guo Y, Tsukaya H. (2015) Comparative analysis of the RTFL peptide family on the control of plant organogenesis. J Plant Res. May;128(3):497-510

    Hsieh WY, Liao JC, Chang CY, Harrison T, Boucher C, Hsieh MH. (2015) The SLOW GROWTH3 Pentatricopeptide Repeat Protein Is Required for the Splicing of Mitochondrial NADH Dehydrogenase Subunit7 Intron 2 in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol. Jun;168(2):490-501.

  • Five new papers and 278 annotations were added to LEAFDATA

    The list of processed publications:

    Putarjunan A, Rodermel S. (2014) gigantea suppresses immutans variegation by interactions with cytokinin and gibberellin signaling pathways. Plant Physiol. Dec;166(4):2115-32

    Gillmor CS, Silva-Ortega CO, Willmann MR, Buendía-Monreal M, Poethig RS. (2014) The Arabidopsis Mediator CDK8 module genes CCT (MED12) and GCT (MED13) are global regulators of developmental phase transitions. Development. Dec;141(23):4580-9

    Robles P, Micol JL, Quesada V. (2015) Mutations in the plant-conserved MTERF9 alter chloroplast gene expression, development and tolerance to abiotic stress in Arabidopsis thaliana. Physiol Plant. Jun;154(2):297-313

    Xie Y, Huhn K, Brandt R, Potschin M, Bieker S, Straub D, Doll J, Drechsler T, Zentgraf U, Wenkel S. (2014) REVOLUTA and WRKY53 connect early and late leaf development in Arabidopsis. Development. Dec;141(24):4772-83.

    Malinova I, Kunz HH, Alseekh S, Herbst K, Fernie AR, Gierth M, Fettke J. (2014) Reduction of the cytosolic phosphoglucomutase in Arabidopsis reveals impact on plant growth, seed and root development, and carbohydrate partitioning. PLoS One. Nov 17;9(11):e112468

  • Five new papers and 155 annotations were added to LEAFDATA

    The list of processed publications:

    Jali SS, Rosloski SM, Janakirama P, Steffen JG, Zhurov V, Berleth T, Clark RM, Grbic V. (2014) A plant-specific HUA2-LIKE (HULK) gene family in Arabidopsis thaliana is essential for development. Plant J. Oct;80(2):242-54

    Roschzttardtz H, Paez-Valencia J, Dittakavi T, Jali S, Reyes FC, Baisa G, Anne P, Gissot L, Palauqui JC, Masson PH, Bednarek SY, Otegui MS. (2014) The VASCULATURE COMPLEXITY AND CONNECTIVITY gene encodes a plant-specific protein required for embryo provasculature development. Plant Physiol. Oct;166(2):889-902

    Kalve S, Fotschki J, Beeckman T, Vissenberg K, Beemster GT. (2014) Three-dimensional patterns of cell division and expansion throughout the development of Arabidopsis thaliana leaves. J Exp Bot. Dec;65(22):6385-97

    An R, Liu X, Wang R, Wu H, Liang S, Shao J, Qi Y, An L, Yu F. (2014) The over-expression of two transcription factors, ABS5/bHLH30 and ABS7/MYB101, leads to upwardly curly leaves. PLoS One. Sep 30;9(9):e107637

    Weis BL, Missbach S, Marzi J, Bohnsack MT, Schleiff E. (2014) The 60S associated ribosome biogenesis factor LSG1-2 is required for 40S maturation in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant J. Dec;80(6):1043-56

  • Five new papers and 231 annotations were added to LEAFDATA

    The list of processed publications:

    Stührwohldt N, Hartmann J, Dahlke RI, Oecking C, Sauter M. (2014) The PSI family of nuclear proteins is required for growth in arabidopsis. Plant Mol Biol. Oct;86(3):289-302.

    Shinohara N, Ohbayashi I, Sugiyama M. (2014) Involvement of rRNA biosynthesis in the regulation of CUC1 gene expression and pre-meristematic cell mound formation during shoot regeneration. Front Plant Sci. Apr 28;5:159.

    Debernardi JM, Mecchia MA, Vercruyssen L, Smaczniak C, Kaufmann K, Inze D, Rodriguez RE, Palatnik JF. (2014) Post-transcriptional control of GRF transcription factors by microRNA miR396 and GIF co-activator affects leaf size and longevity. Plant J. Aug;79(3):413-26.

    Lu X, Zhang D, Li S, Su Y, Liang Q, Meng H, Shen S, Fan Y, Liu C, Zhang C. (2014) FtsHi4 is essential for embryogenesis due to its influence on chloroplast development in Arabidopsis. PLoS One. Jun 25;9(6):e99741.

    Stanko V, Giuliani C, Retzer K, Djamei A, Wahl V, Wurzinger B, Wilson C, Heberle-Bors E, Teige M, Kragler F. (2014) Timing is everything: highly specific and transient expression of a MAP kinase determines auxin-induced leaf venation patterns in Arabidopsis. Mol Plant. Nov;7(11):1637-52.

  • Five new papers and 297 annotations were added to LEAFDATA

    The list of processed publications:

    Turchi L, Carabelli M, Ruzza V, Possenti M, Sassi M, Peñalosa A, Sessa G, Salvi S, Forte V, Morelli G, Ruberti I. (2013) Arabidopsis HD-Zip II transcription factors control apical embryo development and meristem function. Development. May;140(10):2118-29.

    Skylar A, Matsuwaka S, Wu X. (2013) ELONGATA3 is required for shoot meristem cell cycle progression in Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings. Dev Biol. Oct 15;382(2):436-45.

    Merelo P, Xie Y, Brand L, Ott F, Weigel D, Bowman JL, Heisler MG, Wenkel S. (2013) Genome-wide identification of KANADI1 target genes. PLoS One. Oct 14;8(10):e77341.

    Du J, Li M, Kong D, Wang L, Lv Q, Wang J, Bao F, Gong Q, Xia J, He Y. (2014) Nitric oxide induces cotyledon senescence involving co-operation of the NES1/MAD1 and EIN2-associated ORE1 signalling pathways in Arabidopsis. J Exp Bot. Jul;65(14):4051-63.

    Peterson KM, Shyu C, Burr CA, Horst RJ, Kanaoka MM, Omae M, Sato Y, Torii KU. (2013) Arabidopsis homeodomain-leucine zipper IV proteins promote stomatal development and ectopically induce stomata beyond the epidermis. Development. May;140(9):1924-35

  • Five new papers and 228 annotations were added to LEAFDATA

    The list of processed publications:

    Schulze S, Schäfer BN, Parizotto EA, Voinnet O, Theres K. (2010) LOST MERISTEMS genes regulate cell differentiation of central zone descendants in Arabidopsis shoot meristems. Plant J. Nov;64(4):668-78

    Guo J, Wang S, Valerius O, Hall H, Zeng Q, Li JF, Weston DJ, Ellis BE, Chen JG. (2011) Involvement of Arabidopsis RACK1 in protein translation and its regulation by abscisic acid. Plant Physiol. Jan;155(1):370-83

    Spinelli SV, Martin AP, Viola IL, Gonzalez DH, Palatnik JF. (2011) A mechanistic link between STM and CUC1 during Arabidopsis development. Plant Physiol. Aug;156(4):1894-904

    Liu Y, Ye W, Li B, Zhou X, Cui Y, Running MP, Liu K. (2012) CCS52A2/FZR1, a cell cycle regulator, is an essential factor for shoot apical meristem maintenance in Arabidopsis thaliana. BMC Plant Biol. Aug 8;12:135

    Casanova-Sáez R, Mateo-Bonmatí E, Kangasjärvi S, Candela H, Micol JL. (2014) Arabidopsis ANGULATA10 is required for thylakoid biogenesis and mesophyll development. J Exp Bot. Jun;65(9):2391-404.

  • Five new papers and 121 annotations were added to LEAFDATA

    The list of processed publications:

    DeFraia CT, Zhang X, Mou Z. (2010) Elongator subunit 2 is an accelerator of immune responses in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant J. Nov;64(3):511-23

    Jossier M, Kroniewicz L, Dalmas F, Le Thiec D, Ephritikhine G, Thomine S, Barbier-Brygoo H, Vavasseur A, Filleur S, Leonhardt N. (2010) The Arabidopsis vacuolar anion transporter, AtCLCc, is involved in the regulation of stomatal movements and contributes to salt tolerance. Plant J. Nov;64(4):563-76

    Mehrshahi P, Gonzalez-Jorge S, Akhtar TA, Ward JL, Santoyo-Castelazo A, Marcus SE, Lara-Núñez A, Ravanel S, Hawkins ND, Beale MH, Barrett DA, Knox JP, Gregory JF 3rd, Hanson AD, Bennett MJ, Dellapenna D. (2010) Functional analysis of folate polyglutamylation and its essential role in plant metabolism and development. Plant J. Oct;64(2):267-79

    Gilding EK, Marks MD. (2010) Analysis of purified glabra3-shapeshifter trichomes reveals a role for NOECK in regulating early trichome morphogenic events. Plant J. Oct;64(2):304-17

    Haga N, Kobayashi K, Suzuki T, Maeo K, Kubo M, Ohtani M, Mitsuda N, Demura T, Nakamura K, Jürgens G, Ito M. (2011) Mutations in MYB3R1 and MYB3R4 cause pleiotropic developmental defects and preferential down-regulation of multiple G2/M-specific genes in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol. Oct;157(2):706-17

  • Five new papers and 125 annotations were added to LEAFDATA

    The list of processed publications:

    Furt F, Oostende Cv, Widhalm JR, Dale MA, Wertz J, Basset GJ. (2010) A bimodular oxidoreductase mediates the specific reduction of phylloquinone (vitamin K1) in chloroplasts. Plant J. Oct;64(1):38-46.

    Chi W, Mao J, Li Q, Ji D, Zou M, Lu C, Zhang L. (2010) Interaction of the pentatricopeptide-repeat protein DELAYED GREENING 1 with sigma factor SIG6 in the regulation of chloroplast gene expression in Arabidopsis cotyledons. Plant J. Oct;64(1):14-25.

    Gómez LD, Gilday A, Feil R, Lunn JE, Graham IA. (2010) AtTPS1-mediated trehalose 6-phosphate synthesis is essential for embryogenic and vegetative growth and responsiveness to ABA in germinating seeds and stomatal guard cells. Plant J. Oct;64(1):1-13.

    Gaamouche T, Manes CL, Kwiatkowska D, Berckmans B, Koumproglou R, Maes S, Beeckman T, Vernoux T, Doonan JH, Traas J, Inzé D, De Veylder L. (2010) Cyclin-dependent kinase activity maintains the shoot apical meristem cells in an undifferentiated state. Plant J. Oct;64(1):26-37.

    Day IS, Golovkin M, Palusa SG, Link A, Ali GS, Thomas J, Richardson DN, Reddy AS. (2012) Interactions of SR45, an SR-like protein, with spliceosomal proteins and an intronic sequence: insights into regulated splicing. Plant J. Sep;71(6):936-47.

  • Five new papers and 141 annotations were added to LEAFDATA

    The list of processed publications:

    Bao C, Wang J, Zhang R, Zhang B, Zhang H, Zhou Y, Huang S. (2012) Arabidopsis VILLIN2 and VILLIN3 act redundantly in sclerenchyma development via bundling of actin filaments. Plant J. Sep;71(6):962-75.

    Brandt R, Salla-Martret M, Bou-Torrent J, Musielak T, Stahl M, Lanz C, Ott F, Schmid M, Greb T, Schwarz M, Choi SB, Barton MK, Reinhart BJ, Liu T, Quint M, Palauqui JC, Martínez-García JF, Wenkel S. (2012) Genome-wide binding-site analysis of REVOLUTA reveals a link between leaf patterning and light-mediated growth responses. Plant J. Oct;72(1):31-42.

    Thran M, Link K, Sonnewald U. (2012) The Arabidopsis DCP2 gene is required for proper mRNA turnover and prevents transgene silencing in Arabidopsis. Plant J. Nov;72(3):368-77.

    Han JJ, Lin W, Oda Y, Cui KM, Fukuda H, He XQ. (2012) The proteasome is responsible for caspase-3-like activity during xylem development. Plant J. Oct;72(1):129-41.

    Ruts T, Matsubara S, Wiese-Klinkenberg A, Walter A. (2012) Aberrant temporal growth pattern and morphology of root and shoot caused by a defective circadian clock in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant J. Oct;72(1):154-61.

  • Five new papers and 236 annotations were added to LEAFDATA

    The list of processed publications:

    Li G, Zhang J, Li J, Yang Z, Huang H, Xu L. (2012) Imitation Switch chromatin remodeling factors and their interacting RINGLET proteins act together in controlling the plant vegetative phase in Arabidopsis. Plant J. Oct;72(2):261-70.

    JHassler S, Lemke L, Jung B, Möhlmann T, Krüger F, Schumacher K, Espen L, Martinoia E, Neuhaus HE. (2012) Lack of the Golgi phosphate transporter PHT4;6 causes strong developmental defects, constitutively activated disease resistance mechanisms and altered intracellular phosphate compartmentation in Arabidopsis. Plant J. Dec;72(5):732-44.

    Lin L, Zhong SH, Cui XF, Li J, He ZH. (2012) Characterization of temperature-sensitive mutants reveals a role for receptor-like kinase SCRAMBLED/STRUBBELIG in coordinating cell proliferation and differentiation during Arabidopsis leaf development. Plant J. Dec;72(5):707-20.

    Go YS, Lee SB, Kim HJ, Kim J, Park HY, Kim JK, Shibata K, Yokota T, Ohyama K, Muranaka T, Arseniyadis S, Suh MC. (2012) Identification of marneral synthase, which is critical for growth and development in Arabidopsis. Plant J. Dec;72(5):791-804.

    Romani I, Tadini L, Rossi F, Masiero S, Pribil M, Jahns P, Kater M, Leister D, Pesaresi P. (2012) Versatile roles of Arabidopsis plastid ribosomal proteins in plant growth and development. Plant J. Dec;72(6):922-34.

  • Five new papers and 246 annotations were added to LEAFDATA

    The list of processed publications:

    Kadirjan-Kalbach DK, Yoder DW, Ruckle ME, Larkin RM, Osteryoung KW. (2012) FtsHi1/ARC1 is an essential gene in Arabidopsis that links chloroplast biogenesis and division. Plant J. Dec;72(5):856-67

    Jiang X, Li H, Wang T, Peng C, Wang H, Wu H, Wang X. (2012) Gibberellin indirectly promotes chloroplast biogenesis as a means to maintain the chloroplast population of expanded cells. Plant J. Dec;72(5):768-80

    Sang Y, Silva-Ortega CO, Wu S, Yamaguchi N, Wu MF, Pfluger J, Gillmor CS, Gallagher KL, Wagner D. (2012) Mutations in two non-canonical Arabidopsis SWI2/SNF2 chromatin remodeling ATPases cause embryogenesis and stem cell maintenance defects. Plant J. Dec;72(6):1000-14

    Paparelli E, Parlanti S, Gonzali S, Novi G, Mariotti L, Ceccarelli N, van Dongen JT, Kölling K, Zeeman SC, Perata P. (2013) Nighttime sugar starvation orchestrates gibberellin biosynthesis and plant growth in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell. Oct;25(10):3760-9

    Rauf M, Arif M, Fisahn J, Xue GP, Balazadeh S, Mueller-Roeber B. (2013) NAC transcription factor speedy hyponastic growth regulates flooding-induced leaf movement in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell. Dec;25(12):4941-55

  • LEAFDATA paper is published.

    Check out our paper Szakonyi D 2016 LEAFDATA: a literature-curated database for Arabidopsis leaf development in Plant Methods.

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  • Five new papers and 138 annotations were added to LEAFDATA

    The list of processed publications:

    Lyzenga WJ, Booth JK, Stone SL. (2012) The Arabidopsis RING-type E3 ligase XBAT32 mediates the proteasomal degradation of the ethylene biosynthetic enzyme, 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase 7. Plant J. Jul;71(1):23-34

    Yang F, Wang Q, Schmitz G, Müller D, Theres K. (2012) The bHLH protein ROX acts in concert with RAX1 and LAS to modulate axillary meristem formation in Arabidopsis. Plant J.Jul;71(1):61-70

    Mudunkothge JS, Krizek BA. (2012) Three Arabidopsis AIL/PLT genes act in combination to regulate shoot apical meristem function. Plant J. Jul;71(1):108-21

    Junker A, Mönke G, Rutten T, Keilwagen J, Seifert M, Thi TM, Renou JP, Balzergue S, Viehöver P, Hähnel U, Ludwig-Müller J, Altschmied L, Conrad U, Weisshaar B, Bäumlein H. (2012) Elongation-related functions of LEAFY COTYLEDON1 during the development of Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant J. Aug;71(3):427-42

    Hornitschek P, Kohnen MV, Lorrain S, Rougemont J, Ljung K, López-Vidriero I, Franco-Zorrilla JM, Solano R, Trevisan M, Pradervand S, Xenarios I, Fankhauser C. (2012) Phytochrome interacting factors 4 and 5 control seedling growth in changing light conditions by directly controlling auxin signaling. Plant J. Sep;71(5):699-711

  • Five new papers and 185 annotations were added to LEAFDATA

    The list of processed publications:

    Li J, Brader G, Helenius E, Kariola T, Palva ET. (2012) Biotin deficiency causes spontaneous cell death and activation of defense signaling. Plant J. Apr;70(2):315-26.

    Yuan H, Liu D. (2012) Functional disruption of the pentatricopeptide protein SLG1 affects mitochondrial RNA editing, plant development, and responses to abiotic stresses in Arabidopsis. Plant J. May;70(3):432-44.

    Lee S, Seo PJ, Lee HJ, Park CM. (2012) A NAC transcription factor NTL4 promotes reactive oxygen species production during drought-induced leaf senescence in Arabidopsis. Plant J. Jun;70(5):831-44.

    Shikata H, Shibata M, Ushijima T, Nakashima M, Kong SG, Matsuoka K, Lin C, Matsushita T. (2012) The RS domain of Arabidopsis splicing factor RRC1 is required for phytochrome B signal transduction. Plant J. Jun;70(5):727-38.

    Jin H, Song Z, Nikolau BJ. (2012) Reverse genetic characterization of two paralogous acetoacetyl CoA thiolase genes in Arabidopsis reveals their importance in plant growth and development. Plant J. Jun;70(6):1015-32.

  • Five new papers and 79 annotations were added to LEAFDATA

    The list of processed publications:

    Song YH, Lee I, Lee SY, Imaizumi T, Hong JC. (2012) CONSTANS and ASYMMETRIC LEAVES 1 complex is involved in the induction of FLOWERING LOCUS T in photoperiodic flowering in Arabidopsis. Plant J. Jan;69(2):332-42.

    Kusumi K, Sakata C, Nakamura T, Kawasaki S, Yoshimura A, Iba K. (2011) A plastid protein NUS1 is essential for build-up of the genetic system for early chloroplast development under cold stress conditions. Plant J. Dec;68(6):1039-50.

    Pattanayak GK, Venkataramani S, Hortensteiner S, Kunz L, Christ B, Moulin M, Smith AG, Okamoto Y, Tamiaki H, Sugishima M, Greenberg JT. (2012) Accelerated cell death 2 suppresses mitochondrial oxidative bursts and modulates cell death in Arabidopsis. Plant J. Feb;69(4):589-600.

    Zhang K, Xia X, Zhang Y, Gan SS. (2012) An ABA-regulated and Golgi-localized protein phosphatase controls water loss during leaf senescence in Arabidopsis. Plant J. Feb;69(4):667-78.

    Yamaguchi N, Yamaguchi A, Abe M, Wagner D, Komeda Y. (2012) LEAFY controls Arabidopsis pedicel length and orientation by affecting adaxial-abaxial cell fate. Plant J. Mar;69(5):844-56.

  • Five new papers and 84 annotations were added to LEAFDATA

    The list of processed publications:

    Hashimura Y, Ueguchi C. (2011) The Arabidopsis MERISTEM DISORGANIZATION 1 gene is required for the maintenance of stem cells through the reduction of DNA damage. Plant J. Nov;68(4):657-69.

    Córdoba-Cañero D, Roldán-Arjona T, Ariza RR. (2011) Arabidopsis ARP endonuclease functions in a branched base excision DNA repair pathway completed by LIG1. Plant J. Nov;68(4):693-702.

    Minamisawa N, Sato M, Cho KH, Ueno H, Takechi K, Kajikawa M, Yamato KT, Ohyama K, Toyooka K, Kim GT, Horiguchi G, Takano H, Ueda T, Tsukaya H. (2011) ANGUSTIFOLIA, a plant homolog of CtBP/BARS, functions outside the nucleus. Plant J. Dec;68(5):788-99.

    Wang H, Zhao Q, Chen F, Wang M, Dixon RA. (2011) NAC domain function and transcriptional control of a secondary cell wall master switch. Plant J. Dec;68(6):1104-14.

    Bahaji A, Muñoz FJ, Ovecka M, Baroja-Fernóndez E, Montero M, Li J, Hidalgo M, Almagro G, Sesma MT, Ezquer I, Pozueta-Romero J. (2011) Specific delivery of AtBT1 to mitochondria complements the aberrant growth and sterility phenotype of homozygous Atbt1 Arabidopsis mutants. Plant J. Dec;68(6):1115-21.

  • Five new papers and 151 annotations were added to LEAFDATA

    The list of processed publications:

    Chakravorty D, Trusov Y, Zhang W, Acharya BR, Sheahan MB, McCurdy DW, Assmann SM, Botella JR. (2011) An atypical heterotrimeric G-protein y-subunit is involved in guard cell K+-channel regulation and morphological development in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant J. Sep;67(5):840-51.

    Lange H, Sement FM, Gagliardi D. (2011) MTR4, a putative RNA helicase and exosome co-factor, is required for proper rRNA biogenesis and development in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant J. Oct;68(1):51-63.

    Chen MK, Hsu WH, Lee PF, Thiruvengadam M, Chen HI, Yang CH. (2011) The MADS box gene, FOREVER YOUNG FLOWER, acts as a repressor controlling floral organ senescence and abscission in Arabidopsis. Plant J. Oct;68(1):168-85.

    Farid A, Pabst M, Schoberer J, Altmann F, Glössl J, Strasser R. (2011) Arabidopsis thaliana alpha1,2-glucosyltransferase (ALG10) is required for efficient N-glycosylation and leaf growth. Plant J. Oct;68(2):314-25.

    Eloy NB, de Freitas Lima M, Van Damme D, Vanhaeren H, Gonzalez N, De Milde L, Hemerly AS, Beemster GT, Inzé D, Ferreira PC. (2011) The APC/C subunit 10 plays an essential role in cell proliferation during leaf development. Plant J. 2011 Oct;68(2):351-63.

  • Six papers and 233 annotations were added to LEAFDATA.

    The list of processed publications:

    Ohbayashi I, Konishi M, Ebine K, Sugiyama M (2011) Genetic identification of Arabidopsis RID2 as an essential factor involved in pre-rRNA processing. Plant J. Jul;67(1):49-60.

    Jungkunz I, Link K, Vogel F, Voll LM, Sonnewald S, Sonnewald U (2011) AtHsp70-15-deficient Arabidopsis plants are characterized by reduced growth, a constitutive cytosolic protein response and enhanced resistance to TuMV. Plant J. Jun;66(6):983-95

    Monfared MM, Simon MK, Meister RJ, Roig-Villanova I, Kooiker M, Colombo L, Fletcher JC, Gasser CS (2011) Overlapping and antagonistic activities of BASIC PENTACYSTEINE genes affect a range of developmental processes in Arabidopsis. Plant J. Jun;66(6):1020-31.

    Takeda S, Hanano K, Kariya A, Shimizu S, Zhao L, Matsui M, Tasaka M, Aida M (2011) CUP-SHAPED COTYLEDON1 transcription factor activates the expression of LSH4 and LSH3, two members of the ALOG gene family, in shoot organ boundary cells. Plant J. Jun;66(6):1066-77.

    Zhang Y, Zhang B, Yan D, Dong W, Yang W, Li Q, Zeng L, Wang J, Wang L, Hicks LM, He Z (2011) Two Arabidopsis cytochrome P450 monooxygenases, CYP714A1 and CYP714A2, function redundantly in plant development through gibberellin deactivation. Plant J. Jul;67(2):342-53.

    Germain A, Herlich S, Larom S, Kim SH, Schuster G, Stern DB (2011) Mutational analysis of Arabidopsis chloroplast polynucleotide phosphorylase reveals roles for both RNase PH core domains in polyadenylation, RNA 3'-end maturation and intron degradation. Plant J. Aug;67(3):381-94.